Could You Benefit from Motorized Window Treatments?


The answer is YES! One of the fastest growing trends for window fashions in today’s market is motorized window treatments. Imagine being able to open or close all your window treatments at the same time, with the push of a button or by saying “(insert your favorite home automation system here) raise my shades.” Sounds pretty convenient right? Now imagine those shades are on the second or third story level of a great room. It is just recently that people have begun to realize the full benefits of this segment of home technology.


Why should you invest in motorized window fashions?


  1. Security Motorized window coverings can give the perception that someone is home even if you’re not there. Pairing your shades with your home automation system allows them to operate according to your pre-selected schedule. Wouldn’t it be comforting to know that your home isn’t a likely target while you’re not around?


  1. Energy Efficiency Block out the sun while you’re at work or your favorite beach. Why overwork your air conditioning system to maintain a comfortable environment for you to return home too. If your window treatments of choice can close to block out that hot afternoon sun, your cooling expenses will certainly benefit.


  1. Protection of Your Home’s Interior UV rays that are allowed to penetrate through your windows can wreak havoc on your furniture, floors and other surfaces in your beautiful home. Left unblocked UV rays will fade, crack, and otherwise destroy your home’s interior.


  1. Wow Factor Envision the reaction your guests would have if your window coverings started to open or close in unison with no one operating them. Oh, the conversations that could result. If your gathering happens to be in an outdoor living area having an external motorized shade would provide a much more comfortable environment for you and your guests.


  1. Convenience Of course convenience is a great reason to install motorized window treatments, remember those really high, hard to reach windows I talked about earlier? By using motorization, you eliminate the need for long, awkward extension poles or cords to operate them. Even if your windows aren’t hard to reach, motorization allows you to operate multiple units at once, saving you precious time and effort. With all these benefits it is clear why motorized window fashions are gaining popularity.


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