Product Spotlight: Smart Drape Shades™ by Norman

The Norman Window Fashions company recently released a revolutionary product to the world of window fashions Smart Drape Shades™, the innovative window treatment has the elegant look of drapery the with superior versatility and functionality. With the ability to cover windows and doors up to 245” (just over 20 feet), there’s a place for Smart Drape Shades™ in nearly every home.

SmartDrape™ from Norman® from Norman USA on Vimeo.

Unlike ordinary drapery, these shades allow you to use the door even when they are closed. Constructed of individual veins, suspended in flowing sheer fabric, the shade will allow you to move in and out of your home freely, without the hassle of having to open and close them each time. Each individual vein has the ability to be removed from the head rail for easy cleaning. With these shades there is no need to hire someone to come to your home to clean them for you. This product is sturdy enough that you can place it in your washing machine.

These customizable shades are available with extensive options, allowing you make these shades fit your needs and desires perfectly. The sheer fabric that surrounds the veins comes in many colors and patterns so you can choose those that will best compliment your homes décor. With the simple twist of the wand your shades can go from allowing a light filled warm, inviting environment, to a solid providing you with a certain level of privacy when desired in a matter of seconds. An added dimension of versatility provided by these shades is the customizable option to open them to left, to the right, or have a split stack where they can be opened from the center outward.

It is easy to see why Norman’s Smart Drape Shades™ are the perfect fit for those who want the elegant, flowing look of drapery, yet have the control and functionality of other vertical products. Call 503-581-8257 or visit today to schedule your free in-home consultation to add Norman’s Smart Drape Shades™ to home.